Anastasiadate IS A SCAM!

After reading another website similar that proved that Anastasiadate was a Scam, I decided to a step further and show picture proof that the girls shown are not the ones you are talking to and that they lie about almost everything. Bellow you will find the girls information, the messages that I received from the girls on Anastasiadate, along with pictures of them on other sites proving that they lied and that someone else sent the message. I messaged all the girls shown below to give them the chance to explain themselves and they chose not to respond or did not provide a reasonable answer.

Here is the link to the orignal website that i read:

Before continuing you should read some of the comments on the website above. They do a good job of how the scam works and how they suck you in. Some of the guys on their spent thousands of dollars talking to girls and traveling to meet them, only to find out that the girls had never seen them before and were nothing like what they had described in their messages.

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